You are looking for a professional beauty institute in the heart of Vienna – an institute which offers highest standards, outstanding quality and wellness? – Well, you have found it just this moment!

For twelve years a heavenly beautiful Fiji island was the home of German business lady Angela Hoffmann, before she moved to Vienna to open PURE BEAUTY COSMETIC. This cosmetic institute, which – since 2017 – can boast the quality label Excellence Institute, offers cosmetic expertise, product know-how, classy ambiance – simply everything that makes the hearts of beauty-conscious people beat faster.

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Make Up



Hait removal

PURE BEAUTY COSMETIC invites you to discover and to experience most effective cosmeceuticals. Special BABOR skin care products make your skin smooth and firm; they repair, lift and improve the appearance of your skin and provide you with convincing beauty experiences.

A youthful and radiant appearance will be the most welcome result because Angela Hoffmann, a professional beautician (she has been an internationally certified beautician and a certified make-up artist since 1985) offers highly effective treatments and uses the luxury anti-aging products of BABOR.