Beauty is something personal.

Therefore, after a professional skin analysis, the BABOR precision formula will be tailor-made especially for you. Thus, skin care will become an exclusive pleasure – and you will see the effects. A cosmetic treatment will become an exceptional beauty experience which connects effective ingredients and a pampering experience.

Discover the art of precise skin care!

FACE – systematic skincare

Everybody is different – and this is also true for the skin.
We offer individually tailored skin care.

90 minutes € 99,00
60 minutes € 79,00
30 minutes € 39,00


FACE – Anti-ageing


Intensive anti-aging skin care with an indulging massage and instantly seen effects: your skin becomes radiant and youthful, appears smooth and firm. A moment of relaxation and sustainable effect.

Babor Reversive Behandlung
from 75 minutes up from € 120,00 up
HSR® Lifting

Face lifting of the new generation – for more resilience and elasticity. Either stimulating and refreshing or relaxing and pampering.

HSR Lifting Gruppe
from 60 minutes up from € 95,00 up
BABOR SeaCreation – luxury the “goes under your skin”

(is absorbed by the skin). Treat your skin to highly effective ingredients obtained from the depth of the sea. The highly concentrated serum and the exclusive cream applied with an obsidian and two cool coral stones plus two intensive-action masks create an optimum of radiance and youthfulness.

Babor SeaCreation
Pampering session from 90 minutes up from € 180,00 up


FACE – apparative cosmetics


Power peeling produces convincing results. Demonstrably reduces wrinkles, scars, aging and pigment spots, excess hornification, skin impurities and aging spots. Face: 60 minutes

with products of DOCTOR BABOR or HSR® Lifting € 95,00
with products of SKINOVAGE € 85,00
including neck plus € 10,00
including neck and cleavage plus € 20,00

For visibly firmer contours. An effective substance concentrate is infused deep into the skin and remodels wrinkles and lines.

Face: 70 minutes € 130,00
including neck plus € 30,00
including neck and cleavage plus € 60,00

Quick and efficient boosting of the skin – high dosage substances are infused by spraying pressurized oxygen onto your skin.

40 minutes € 40,00


FACE – Medical Beauty

DOCTOR BABOR Collagen Booster Treatment
Firming skin tissue correcting wrinkles.
75 minutes € 85,00
DOCTOR BABOR Recontouring Treatment

Defines the contours of the face; thus slenderizing the chin and neck area and boosting the cheeks.

75 minutes € 85,00
DOCTOR BABOR Ultimate Vitamin C Treatment

Firms and smoothes the skin, protects against premature environmental skin aging and makes a fresh complexion.

60 minutes € 70,00
DOCTOR BABOR Regeneration

Improving the structure of the tissue – also ideally suited for treating the skin before and after surgical intervention or aesthetical facial surgery.

75 minutes € 75,00
DOCTOR BABOR Hydro Treatment

Intensive treatment with hyaluronan thus moisturizing, boosting and smoothing the skin.

75 minutes € 75,00
DOCTOR BABOR Vitamin Treatment

For sensitive and stressed skin. Smoothes the structure of your skin and makes your complexion look more even and more fine-pored.

75 minutes € 85,00
DOCTOR BABOR Anti Couperose Treatment

Reduces couperosis and spider veins and makes your complexion more even.

60 minutes € 60,00
DOCTOR BABOR Neuro Sensitive

For extremely dry and sensitive skin – can also be used for skin care during symptom-free periods.

60 minutes € 60,00
DOCTOR BABOR Purity Cellular
Effective treatment of acute skin blemishes.
75 minutes € 75,00
DOCTOR BABOR Fruit Acid Treatment

This treatment regenerates impure skin and improves pigment disorder and wrinkles.

75 minutes € 80,00


FACE – extras

In addition to your facial treatment:

DOCTOR TECH Ultrasound Treatment

Fights wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin, impure skin, large skin pores, tired and dull complexion, and scars.

10 minutes of additional treatment € 20,00
Hydra Boost – intensive treatment

Experience the moisturizing effect up to ten ampoules will have on your skin:

5 ampoules € 18,00
10 ampoules € 30,00
Additional care for your eyes:  
Eye mask € 5,00
Fleece towel impregnated with collagen  
special collagen mask € 20,00
Eyelashes & eyebrows  
Lash perm € 49,00
Correction of eyebrows € 12,00
Dyeing the eyebrows € 9,00
Dyeing the eyelashes € 12,00